1.Digital membership

1.1 Surrey County Cricket Club provides the option for you or your guardian to sign up to the Pride of Lions digital membership (becoming a “digital member”). As a digital member you will receive full access to the Pride of Lions website (prideoflions.co.uk) and the right to receive relevant correspondence via email.
1.2 You may become a Digital Member by registering online via www.prideoflions.co.uk/ sign-up.
1.2.1 To become a Digital Member you will be asked to provide the following compulsory personal information; Title, Forename, Surname, Date of Birth, Country, Postcode, Email Address and Password.
1.2.2 This information will not be sent to any third parties.
1.3 Upon registering you will be required to confirm that you are either:
1.3.1 13years old or over or
1.3.2 under 13years old and have received your parents or guardians permission to join the Pride of Lions digital membership. To register you need your parents or guardians personal information.

2. PrideofLions.co.uk

2.1 We provide each Digital Member with access to all content and services within prideoflions.co.uk.
2.2 As part of prideoflions.co.uk, you will be able to access certain video content, photographs, posters, text, fixtures, statistics, logos and other intellectual property provided by Surrey County Cricket Club.
2.3 Surrey County Cricket Club are protected by copyright and trade mark rights with regards to images, designs, graphics, video footage and text.
2.4 We will edit prideoflions.co.uk without prior notice. This may involve the website being unavailable to access for short periods of time.
2.5 Entry to Digital Membership:
2.5.1 As a Digital Member, you will be required to enter your email address and password to log in (these are the details provided during registration).
2.5.2 Keep your password secure and not disclose it to any other person. If you feel your log in details have become compromised you must inform Surrey County Cricket Club; prideoflions@surreycricket.com
2.6 Your digital membership is to be used by one person, per email address and password. You are responsible for the use of PrideofLions.co.uk by any person using your computer or device.
2.7 We do not provide and are not responsible for the software or computer hardware you use to access prideoflions.co.uk.
2.8 Prideoflions.co.uk is for non-commercial use and is intended for personal use only.
2.9 You must not authorise or allow any other person or party to abuse prideoflions.co.uk for any unlawful purposes.
2.10 Misuse of Prideoflions.co.uk will result in suspension or termination of your digital membership at Surrey County Cricket Club’s discretion.
2.11 You may cancel your digital membership by sending an email to Surrey County Cricket Club; prideoflions@surreycricket.com with the full registration details you provided upon joining the digital membership.

3. Download material from prideoflions.co.uk

3.1 Surrey County Cricket Club allows personal display of imagery that is available to download from prideoflions.co.uk. You acknowledge not to use this for commercial use.

4. Communications

4.1 All communications will be sent to the email address provided upon registration.
4.2 You will receive information about the club and relevant products relating to the SCCC Junior Pride of Lions upon opting in during registration.
4.3 You may opt out from receiving communications at any time by following the instructions on the bottom of any email you have received from Surrey County Cricket Club.



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